Getting to know the man MAQ [MAQ TV 24/7 Watching American Cricket]


BOCA RATON/FL -USA: Mahammad Qureshi has been hailed as the greatest cricket lover in America. He has been known as the man with the vision. He has been known for spending millions on the development of cricket in the USA. Now cricket fans can get a chance to know the man up close and personal.

While the world battles the dreaded coronavirus pandemic has decided to air a number of special programs to keep fans entertained while they are confined to their homes. One of those special programs is one called ’22 Questions with Maq’ which was aired by Cricket Central. On this program international journalist, Vinode Mamchan grills the American businessman on everything that makes him so special in the world of cricket.

Qureshi talks about his family, his wealth, his love for cricket, his ambition where cricket is concerned and his plans to make the US Open T20 tournament one of the best in the world.

Qureshi has spent in excess of US$26M on the development of cricket and this has caught the attention of many cricket leaders around the world. In this program, one gets an appreciation of why he decided to pump so much money into the sport. You will also get

an update as to where he has reached in terms of spreading the game in the US.

Apart from ’22 questions with Maq’ there are other very interesting programs that are now being aired on


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