MaqTv ‘live’ on FB


BOCA RATON/FL -USA: has now gone live on Facebook 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This decision has been taken by the chairman of Maq Media Mahammad Qureshi in light of the current coronavirus pandemic which has gripped the world leaving many people indoors.

Qureshi who has been a great supporter of cricket in America says that this downtime is a good opportunity to introduce to the world the quality of cricket that is played in the United States.

The staff at has been put on notice to keep supplying entertainment for those in need of it via the channel. Cricket fans can subscribe to free of charge and even more than that, the channel will now be showing cricket for the entire day and night on Facebook.

According to Qureshi: “We care of the cricket fans and as such, you can subscribe to our channel free of charge. Also, we are making our channel free to all who want to see cricket on Facebook. Just log on and enjoy what we have to offer to you as we look to assist in making this ‘home time’ enjoyable for you.

“It is also a good opportunity for our American cricketers to be seen by people around the world, as we will have the action for you from the US Open T20 tournaments, the MaqT10 USA Nationals, the Unity Cup and the Houston T10 series.”


Qureshi added that there will be several feature stories shown around this time as well. “In addition to the cricket, there will be added entertainment as we will have many features added to our programming.”

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