SAMP Army overjoyed at US Open invite


MORRISVILLE/NC – USA: One of the new entrants at this year’s US Open T20 tournament, the SAMP Army is eagerly looking forward to taking part in the tournament and will be coming prove themselves.
The 12th Edition of the popular US Open T20 tournament takes place from December 15 at the Central Broward Regional Park in Fort Lauderdale and, SAMP Army will be going into action for the first time at Central Broward.
Owner of the team Ritesh Patel speaking on MaqTv Tuesday morning, said: “We are so very excited to come to Fort Lauderdale for the US Open tournament. We have heard so much about the US Open the players are all ready to go and, they have begun training already. We are happy that Maq Qureshi has given us this chance at playing this tournament. He is a great cricket administrator and, although he is running the entire thing, he still finds the time to communicate with us and helping with choosing hotels and stuff.”
SAMP Army is based out of Morrisville North Carolina and they are big into developing young players. “We are big into developing young players and this is why we don’t have big-name stars on our team.
“We said to ourselves that we have so many amazing young talents here, that we should use them on the team.  The name of our team means ‘Unity’. SAMP is unity and of course, everyone knows what an army is, so we will be coming united for the battle. This is a unique opportunity for us to develop our players so that they are in a better position to get into the US National teams and other big teams. We have a fantastic cricket set up under TCL here in North Carolina and we will use the US Open T20 as a stepping stone.”

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