Pacers excited to be at US Open


BRAMPTON/ON – CANADA: New kids on the block the Brampton Pacers are looking forward to their first stint at the US Open T20 cricket tournament which bowls off on December 15 at the Central Broward Regional Park in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, USA.
Owner of the team Jagjit Randhawa speaking on MaqTv on Tuesday morning said: “My brother and I were at the US Open last year with the Miami Sharks and, it blew our mind. The competition is not only the best in America but the best in North America. We are thrilled to be one of the eight teams that have been chosen for the tournament.
“The quality of play there is very high and, it will do our players well just to be involved in playing with these guys.” He was quick to point out that his team is not made up of ‘big name’ players but players who gel nicely together and fight united. “We don’t have many big-name players on our roster but what we have are players who are willing to unite and fight together.”
This attitude led them to the Mississauga cricket title which they won this year in Canada. “We won the Mississauga cricket title with this fighting spirit and we are going to come to the US Open with that same attitude.
“We will like to thank Mr. Maq Qureshi for giving us this opportunity to play at the US Open T20 and we want to assure him that we will do our best to add to the tournament. We will like to go on and win the title and take it back to Canada. It will do a lot for our team and for domestic cricket in Canada.”
Randhawa says that his players have been briefed with all Covid 19 protocols that are necessary for the tournament and they are confident they can remain safe while in Florida.

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