Visionary Maq does it again


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: He brought T20 cricket to the United States. He brought T10 cricket to the United States. When USACA was suspended he carried America’s cricket on his own. COVID 19 strikes down cricket now Mahammad Qureshi, gets it going again.
Sunday, June 7 was a significant day in the history of American cricket, as it marked the return of cricket after four months due to the dreaded pandemic. Qureshi kept himself and his staff busy during the COVID 19 lockdown and as soon as there was some breathing space, he had cricketers in the park.
With the national venues not yet operational, his vision to have his own cricket ground worked nicely for him, as he was able to get two teams to re-start the gentleman’s game on Sunday. It was a very special moment when Zishawn Qureshi faced the first ball in a competitive match, opening the batting for Orlando Stars against Pakistan Eagles.
Next week the action will continue with three other teams playing, namely the USA Red Force, Florida International, and New York All Stars. During the break, Qureshi held meetings with medical professionals in Dr. Christine Dumass and Dr. Nilesh Gupta who advised what should be done in terms of safety for players should the game return. Qureshi then provided safety kids for the players prior to the start of the first game and during the match, regular checks were made to ensure that the players respected the social distancing rule among others.
Everyone left the Maq cricket ground in great spirits after the two matches and the players are now looking forward to returning to play. Cricket is back on American soil and had it not been for the vision and hard work of Qureshi, those bats would have still been in storage. Now this signals that the sport is now off life-support and ready to return in full. This T10 tournament is just part of the bigger picture which is to have the MAQ USA T10 tournament back on the burners as soon as possible. The tournament has been played on three occasions thus far and the fourth edition is surely going to get off sooner rather than later.
After the Maq T10 tournament will follow the most popular T20 league in the Americas, the US Open T20 tournament. This is carded for December 17 to 23 and takes place at the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill.

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