Still room for more teams at women cricket


BOCA RATON/FL -USA: There is still time to register your women’s team for the Cricket59 tournament that is coming up next month in Boca Raton, USA.
Chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi has made it clear that registration is still open for both teams and individuals for the tournament that will be played from March 13 to 15 at the Maq Cricket Stadium in Boca.
Whilst we would have liked all teams to have been in the system already we are still leaving registration open for a bit longer. We have gotten a good response thus far and we still want more teams to come forward. We have a wonderful stadium where the cricket will be played and we can conduct a number of matches there.
“Everything seems to be working fine in terms of preparations so any team coming in late can be accommodated.
” We are going the extra mile to assist women’s cricket because we think that it has a bright future in this country but needs assistance. There are a number of female cricketers who just want a chance to play the sport but they need organisations to put out the tournaments in order for them to showcase their talent.
“Hopefully after this tournament a number of cricketers can make the next grade which is representing their

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