Exciting news in 2020 for US cricket


MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) is announcing that 2020 will be a marquee year in their history.
Last December the cricket body celebrated its 20th anniversary at a gala affair in Sunrise, FL. In celebration of this CCUSA is rolling out eight tournaments this year.
The first comes up in a couple of weeks’ time when they host the Women’s Cricket59 tournament in Boca at the Maq Cricket Stadium. After this, there will be the USA Nationals MaqT10 tournament which will be played in April.
After this, there will be the Maq Cricket59 tournament for males and then unto December when the top tournament the US Open T20 will be rolled out for the 12th year.
Each of these four tournaments will carry a youth component which makes it a total of eight tournaments to be held in the USA in 2020. Apart from this CCUSA will also play a major part in the Chicago Unity Cup.
Overseas, they will continue to host the Maq North/South Classic in Trinidad and Tobago.

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