Qureshi: The world is one family


MARGATE/FL – USA: Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi says that this coronavirus pandemic has shown that this world is one family.
Speaking to News 925 the Fort Lauderdale businessman said: “Sometimes in life, we are faced with a crisis that reminds us that we are one big family. As I sit at my home during this quarantine period I look at the television not for information on the United States alone but all over the world because the only way we can get over this pandemic is for the world to fight it together.
“Sadly, there have been so many deaths across the globe and yet some people still resist the directives that are being sent to them by their respective health ministries. To battle this we don’t need to be geniuses, all we need to do is to have common sense, follow the guidelines set out and we will pass this horror period.”
Qureshi, who has welcomed many cricketers from across the globe at this popular US Open T20 tournament added: “We at Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) have so many friends from around the world. We love people and we go out of our way to welcome cricketers to take part in our US Open T20 tournament. We have been doing this for the past 11 years and we have so many close associates the world over. This is a very hard time for us at CCUSA because we are worried about our cricketers from all around the world. I pray that they continue to take the necessary precautions as they look to fight this virus.
“Normalcy will return, but we have to fight this period out.” Qureshi added that there is a lesson to be learned in all of this: “The world can learn a lesson from this and that is better hygiene must be practiced. It is my hope that when all of this is over, we continue to practice self-hygiene to a great extent.”

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