MAQ Foundation aims to raise $300K for COVID 19 fight


MARGATE/FL – USA: The MAQ Foundation chaired by businessman and cricket administrator Mahammad Qureshi has set out to raise a minimum of US$300,000 to aid the fight against the COVID 19 virus that has gripped the world.
Qureshi on a personal note has already started to give by donating his T20 Energy drinks for emergency workers at seven COVID 19 shelters in Broward. He also plans to order masks and other essentials to be distributed.
His latest project will see him donate a total of 10,000 bats that will be signed by some of the top players in the world. This project will be an ongoing one. The players will sign the bats and it will start at US$30 for one. According to the signatures on the bat, the price will vary.
Qureshi speaking to News 925 said: “I have decided to donate a total of 10,000 bats to this effort. This will be an ongoing project where players will sign these bats and then it will be sold from US$30 for one. Even if we move out the 10,000 bats at US$30 for one, this will add up to US$300,000. We will set this as our benchmark but we will be hoping to auction the top-notch bats for a greater price so that we can donate a lot more money.”
Qureshi is no stranger to donating funds in a big way to assist people affected by disasters. A couple of years ago he joined with the West Indian diaspora in Washington to donate a number of bats at an auction that raised a lot of money for Caribbean people that were affected by hurricanes.

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