Asia’s biggest tournament likely to be cancelled



The corona virus outbreak has sent shock waves throughout the world, cancelling every sporting event in its path.

The Cricket season has been hit hard by the pandemic and it looks like the game is going to suffer even more in the coming months.

The Asia Cup which is scheduled to take place in September this year before the T20 World Cup in Australia, now looks doubtful. The tournament is scheduled to be played in a T20 format so that the Asian teams could get good preparation for the T20 World Cup.

Speaking to IANS, a BCCI official commented that he is confident that this year’s Asia Cup is wont take place. While he conceded that it is too soon to confirm anything, he added that the mega event looks impossible.

“Though it doesn’t seem right to be talking about cricket schedules as of now, we can safely assume that Asia Cup isn’t a possibility. The extent of the impact of the COVID-19 is unknown as of now. The job losses across sectors and the impact on the economy is also unknown.

The sports organisation are also hit deeply and there will be some tough measures once some semblance of normalcy returns. There are liabilities and difficulties that the Board faces and it will be a new kind of a challenge to deal with them,” the official said.

The source also contacted host association Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to discuss the matter. In response, the PCB confirmed that there isn’t much information to be sent in relation to the status of the tournament.

“We cannot throw light on when the next Asian Cricket Council meeting will take place and on decisions around the Asia Cup and its fate,” the PCB official said

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