Qureshi says stick with US players


MARGATE/FL – USA: Respected chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi says that USA Cricket must stick with the errant players who crossed the line during their tour of the UAE late last year.
A Cricinfo report stated that three players namely Steven Taylor, Nisarg Patel and Monank Patel were under the influence of alcohol during a team meeting prior to a game against Scotland.
As a result USA Cricket has removed Taylor as vice-captain of the team. Qureshi who had managed the USA team many years ago said:” While I don’t condone what the players did, I want to urge USA Cricket to stick with them as they are young men and will make mistakes. We have to stick with them and make sure we show that support. I have seen players before go down the wrong road and are left alone never to return to the sport.
“These are very talented players who will form the core of the team moving forward and we must work with them to ensure that things like these don’t happen again. The players need to understand their responsibilities within the team set up and once USA Cricket shows them that support all will be well with them.”

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