CCUSA calls on women cricketers


BOCA RATON/ FL – USA: Cricket Council USA is making a call to all women cricketers from around the world to come on board the Women’s Champion League Cricket59 tournament that takes place from March 13 to 15 in Fort Lauderdale.
CCUSA is creating a platform for the women cricketers to showcase their talent internationally as the matches will be carried live on Maqtv during the tournament. At the moment a number of teams and players have registered on the system at and chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi is making a further call for more players and teams to come on board.
“This tournament will be professionally run and the matches will be televised. The cadre of women players registered on the system thus far is really good and all female cricketers would want to come and play at this tournament. This is a great platform not only for local players but also for players from outside the USA. We have made an open call for cricketers from every country to register into our system so that they can take part.
“Even if you don’t have a team you can register on our system and we will place you on a team assembled by CCUSA.”

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