CK Yau swears by US Open T20


MARGATE/FL – USA: He came, he saw and was impressed and now Atlanta businessman CK Yau swears by the US Open T20 tournament.

His team the Atlanta Griffin took part at the US Open T20 tournament last year and although they did not have the best time on the field of play in terms of results, what Yaw saw was the bigger picture and what Mahammad Qureshi as Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) chairman was trying to achieve.

Yaw bought the Atlanta Griffin team and is looking forward to coming to the tournament in 2020 as he described what he saw in 2019 as really professional and something that the is very proud to be associated with.

Yau took time away from his busy schedule to fly into Fort Lauderdale for the draft last November and after what he saw decided that he will not miss CCUSA events. He and his family were invited to the CCUSA 20th anniversary function and they stayed on for the tournament.

Yaw and Qureshi share the same vision with giving back to humanity after all the success both have gained in the field of business. They want to see people grow and they are doing this through cricket.

Qureshi has welcomed Yaw into the fold and is encouraging others to come forward to own teams. “CK has been a great addition to the US Open family and we appreciate the faith that he has put in us. We are going to have his team at the tournament again in 2020 as he has seen the value in what we do.

“I am encouraging other businessmen to take ownership of teams from your State or even outside your State as we work together to build cricket in this country. Those of you who are interested in coming on board can contact our office and speak to one of our officials. There are many teams still up for grabs but we don’t know how long they will be available, so I want to urge potential owners to come on board.”

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