ICC official gives US Open thumbs up


MARGATE/FL- USA: The International Cricket Council (ICC) official who attended the 11th Edition of the US Open T20 tournament in Fort Lauderdale, USA has given the tournament the thumbs up when it comes to being ‘clean’ from corruption.
Andrew Ephgrave said that all was well with players and officials in terms of sticking to the ICC’s rules and regulations when it comes to match-fixing and he saw nothing untoward during his stay at the tournament.
He was at the matches from early morning until late at night observing everything within sight. He had met with team managers prior to the tournament to outline what was expected from officials and players and he reported at the end of the tournament that all was well with the tournament.
Chairman of CCUSA who runs the tournament, Mahammad Qureshi was very happy but not surprised at the comments. “We have always over the 11 years of the tournament run a clean tournament. Our players come here to play good cricket and win at all costs, so they don’t indulge in match-fixing or anything of the sort. I am glad that the ICC official was happy with what he saw as this will augur well for us in getting further approvals from the world body when it comes to staging our tournaments.”

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