Finally a tournament that is player focused


BOCA RATON: The Maq Cricket59 is not about winning trophies but is all player centred as this league has been set up for the players to keep track of performances and to address attention from big leagues.
The Maq Cricket59 made a successful bowl off on Sunday at the Maq Stadium and the 24 players who showed up now have a Maq Cricket59 profile. The profiles can be found on the Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) website and this will serve as a good indication of players progress.
This coming Saturday there is another set of matches carded as fours teams have been arranged under the Blues, Reds, Yellows and Greens. According to CCUSA chairman Mahammad Qureshi who conceptualized it:”While the players go out there and try to win matches and the games are competitive, there is nothing in terms of winnings for the teams. The only winners in this tournament are the players. They show up and play for whatever team and try their best to return good performances.
“We saw some really good performances on the weekend and we are the players were really keen. This coming weekend they will be returning plus other players will come by as they look to get on the system to be recognised. Qureshi himself had a good return scoring 18 and 44 and taking 2/13.
The Maq Cricket59 an idea conceptualized by cricket administrator Mahammad Qureshi is a 59-ball match with the first ball being a ‘free hit’.

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