CK wants to ignite cricket passion


ATLANTA/USA: Team owner CK Yau is hoping that this year’s US Open T20 tournament ignites the passion for the game among his Chinese race, as well as other cricketers in the Chicago.
Yau since last year has taken ownership of the Atlanta Griffins team and was very happy with what he saw at the last US Open T20 held in Florida in December.
“I was a part of the process from the day of the draft, right down to the tournament and I was very pleased with what I saw there. Maq Qureshi is doing a fantastic job across there in Fort Lauderdale and I am happy that I was invited to be a part of something great.”
Yau has now gotten the motivation to spread the game amongst his people. “When I visited the US Open T20 I saw just how professional the set up was and it made me believe that there is a future in cricket for anyone who is serious in the United States. It got me thinking that if we can infiltrate the Chinese people here, just how big the game will be.”
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has always called on cricket officials and players to promote the game to the extent that it becomes attractive to Americans because it is a big market. Yau, on the other hand, is even seeing beyond that: “If the game can go further and catch on with the Chinese community here it will be even bigger trust me.
“I intend to use my team as a catalyst to promote the cricket and when they go to the US Open T20 this coming December they will have an opportunity to be seen all over the work. These matches are carried live and this is good for the sport. We need to continue promoting the game and it will catch on further. I see a number of team owners are now stepping forward to get teams at the US Open and this is great for the game.
“CCUSA has done a fantastic job but they need teams to buy in, so that they can make it even bigger and better. Maq and his team have been wonderful and I am sure this year’s 12th edition is going to be magnificent.”
Yau who is the executive Vice Chairman – World Financial GroupTransamerica Financial Advisors, Inc has now started to look beyond just owning a team and looking to get more matches in Chicago.
“We will be talking to Gwinnett County next week about the possibility of leasing Coolray Field. This is a 10,427-seat minor league baseball park in unincorporated Gwinnett County, Georgia. It is the home field of the Gwinnett Stripers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. We hope to one day we can run our youth and semi-pro league here so we may give back to the community in Atlanta.”

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