Calling all T10 teams


MARGATE/FL -USA: With just weeks to go before the 2020 USA MAQT10 tournament Cricket Council USA is calling all teams interested in playing in the tournament to register so that all can be put in place for them for the start of the tournament.
Chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi has revealed that the tournament dates are from April 17 to 19 and it carries a total prize of $5,000.
This tournament which is in it’s fourth year has attracted a lot of attention in the past with the fast play and it is expected to be the same this time around. According to Qureshi:” This 10-over tournament has been a great success and one that has really caught the attention of cricket fans. In America we like fast paced sports and this is why the fans have taken so much to this tournament. When you show up to watch the games you see a lot of Maq sixes and as batsmen try to do this, they run the risk of losing their wickets so the batsmen are also in the game.”
Teams that are interested in playing this tournament can go unto Cricket Council USA website where they can rugudter and get all the information.

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