2013: a jampacked year of cricket tournaments organized by CCUSA


In 2013, CCUSA successfully conducted 10 different tournaments across USA.
The largest night cricket tournament titled: BROWARD COUNTY MAQT20 NIGHT LEAGUE was a 15 weeks long cricket season whereas the Futuretech Atlanta Open 2013 had 12 teams with the tournament’s winning prize being a whopping USD 26000. It was held from 5th April to 7th, 2013. The winner was US Tigers Cricket Club respectively.
Moving on, the Dallas MAQ T20 TOURNAMENT had 16 teams in total and was held from 4th July till 7th July, 2013. The winning prize was USD 25000. The winner was smart choice sports club. Moreover, the following month CCUSA organized the MAQ Super Sixes tournament on 17th August, 2013. The winner was Team Pakistan who grabbed a solid USD 1000 winning prize. On the same day, 2013 MAQ T20 INDEPENDENCE CUP was also held where there was a match between Pakistan and India. The winner of this cup was India. The occasion also had Indo Pak Mela at the central broward regional park.
The end of August followed a tournament known as MAQ T20 CHICAGO (UNITY CUP 2013) which was held from 31st August till 2nd September, 2013. It was held in memory of Shekh Aravind on Labor Day weekend where 16 teams participated. The organizers were CCUSA and Midwest cricket conference. The winning prize of the tournament was 10000 USD which was won by MWCC Dream Team. The same dates also had the Seattle MAQ T20 tournament for EMARLD Cup on the Labor Day weekend organized by CCUSA. The winning prize was USD 15000 and the tournament was won by Moose Team.
Furthermore, CCUSA also organized the US College cricket super sixes 2013 which was the first annual tournament of its kind. CCUSA also introduced cricket scholarships for the students. The winner was international college. This was followed by the 5th Annual US cricket Open held in 2013held on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th December which had a fancy winner prize of USD 50, 000 which was won by the smart choice USA team.
Written by:
Fizza Abid
Marketing & Sponsorship Manager

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