Zishawn: Covid 19 a mental test for the cricketer


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: US All Stars captain Zishawn Qureshi says that the Covid 19 pandemic has been a mental test for the cricketer, due to all the quarantine restrictions.
Speaking to 925 News Qureshi said: “I’m very keen to play as I’m sure most of my colleagues in the cricketing world are. Physically I’ve been doing some home restricted workouts to stay as fit as possible but I’m keen to further my fitness when gyms open again.
“It’s been rough mentally with the lockdown but I’ve had a lot of time to think about my game and how I can improve it further. Definitely nervous in terms of health and wellness since things are still fresh but again excited to get on the field.”

Qureshi is expected to play in the Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) T10 cricket league which will come off at the Maq Stadium on Sunday, June 7. He is also expected to play in a T10 tournament in Kentucky to get his game back on track. “My immediate goal is to use this T10 tournament in Kentucky to get back into the flow and hopefully continue where I left off form-wise before the pandemic.” Prior to the pandemic, Qureshi was in great form with both bat and ball in the Orlando league.
“I think throughout quarantine as a whole it was a mental test for us between home workouts and trying to eat right. Those kinds of tests improve aspects of our game especially in terms of hardship and competitions. Hardships in the aspect of working hard, and competition in terms of maintaining strength through crunch times after holding ourselves together through a quarantine.”

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