Women’s Cricket59 postponed


MARGATE/FL – USA: The inaugural Women’s Cricket59 has been postponed due to Cricket Council USA’s CCUSA commitment to media work with the Pakistan Superleague.
The tournament which was supposed to be played at the Maq Stadium in Boca from March 13 to 15 has been put to a date to be announced, as a last-minute decision to pump media resources into then PSL will leave CCUSA short-handed for the tournament.
Looking forward to the staging of the tournament was chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi. “We want to make sure this is a wonderful experience for the women and as such, we wanted all hands on deck for this inaugural event. The executive will meet and discuss a new date as we look to assist in the development of women’s cricket.
“The extra time will now allow a lot more women to come on board and also the players who would have missed out can play when next we schedule it. It will allow players from the West Indies to come in as you know they would have been involved in some domestic tournaments at home. It would have been fresh from the Women’s T20 World Cup that is ongoing, so a lot more can come out of it by pushing back the date.
“We want to urge the women cricketers to continue to register on our system at cricket59.com so they will be in for the tournament when we stage it.”

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