US Open Sports launched


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: The US Open Sports brand has been launched and will soon be available to everyone.
This project is being undertaken by successful American businessman Mahammad Qureshi, who is also chairman of Cricket Council USA.
Qureshi who has built an empire through successful business negotiations in oil and real estate has led CCUSA for close to three decades and the main product that has come out of it is the US Open T20 cricket tournament.
CCUSA under Qureshi’s leadership has staged the US Open T20 tournament for the last 11 years. The tournament which carries prize money in the range of US$100,000 has led to the development of many US cricketers, including the renowned Muhammad Ali Khan.
Qureshi has now launched what is called US Open Sports which is the umbrella body for a number of sports including cricket, golf, baseball,soccer, and tennis to name a few. The brand US Open Sports will be made available soon at shopping outlets, so fans can get US Open Sports equipment, clothing, and other apparel.

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