The best of US Open T20 is yet come


MARGATE/FL – USA: When the US Open T20 rolls around in December of this year, it will be the best to have ever been played, so says chairman and CEO of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi.
The top administrator who has been staging the US Open T20 for the past 11 years says that when players turn out to take part in the tournament, they will come with renewed vigor as they are missing the game a lot during this COVID 19 pandemic.
“At this moment in life, many of us are appreciating the things we took for granted. How many cricketers out there will give anything just to have a match right now? I am sure a lot of them, as their sport and favorite pastime have been taken away from them by this dreaded Coronavirus situation.
“My thinking is that when the US Open T20 comes around this time, the players will be hungry, they will be anxious to play the game. This will lead to keen competition and this is what makes me think that the 12th Edition of the most popular T20 league in America will be the best ever.
“It will be a time of celebration of good over evil. We will pay honor to all those who have fallen by the wayside during this pandemic before a ball is bowled and we will then enter into a celebration of life through cricket.”
Qureshi, who has done a lot in terms of financial assistance during this pandemic said he was confident that the US Open T20 will be played this year. “Our tournament is carded from December 16 to 19 and by then we are very hopeful that all will be well in the world. We are planning behind the scenes, so when we get the all-clear we will be back on the field preparing.”

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