Maq: We are down but not out


MARGATE/FL – USA: Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi using a cricketing analogy to express his views on the COVID 19 Pandemic said that cricket is down but not out.

“Cricket is down at the moment but not out. We have been dealt a severe bouncer and at the moment we are on the ground but we will rise again to face the next delivery. We must be strong, be sensible and flexible to get past this situation.

“It is a battle of attrition when it comes to defeating this virus. We must put a heavy price on our wicket as we battle through. No careless strokes needed at this point in time, so we must stay in our crease and bat sensibly.
“We don’t need to stay indoors but we need to stay at home. Find fun things to do with family members to pass the time. So many times we are caught up with making that next dollar and we forget the important things in our lives.
“This pandemic has given us an opportunity to re-group and spend time with those that matter the most. This should be a time when parents get closer to their children. There may be things that you don’t know about our kids, now is the time to sit with them, guide them, let them know of their heritage.

“Sometimes I sit and wonder what message the universe is sending to us with this situation. All of a sudden pollution has decreased, streams are clearer. Well, let’s also use this time to clear our minds and set a path for ourselves and our families that will put them in good stead when things return to normal.”

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