Ramadhan cricket a big hit


MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricketers in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area always anxiously look forward to the fasting month of Ramadhan but not only for fasting. There is something that he dear to them around the period of fasting and this is the Maq Ramadhan cricket tournament.
Imagine starting a match at 1 am in the morning. After breaking the fast and praying, the players jump into their cricket gear to play the sport they love right on the grounds of the masjid. They play until around 3 am and then look to prepare to begin the fast again.
This tournament, the brainchild of chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi has caught on with a number of cricketers who after taking part are now joining major teams to continue playing the sport.
Qureshi is very happy to see his Muslim brothers take part in the game in the US. “A number of people when they come to the US they miss playing the sport. We at CCUSA have organized tournaments for leather ball cricket. We are now bringing organized cricket to the Muslim community through the mosque. We play tape-ball cricket which is very popular back in Pakistan. The guys really show their skills at the wee hours of the morning and they look forward to this a lot. We will continue to support this in order to bring joy the guys here.”

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