Qureshi says time for families to re-connect


MARGATE/FL – USA: While this COVID 19 pandemic is a sad time in our lives, there are some positives that we can take from it. So says chairman and CEO of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi.
The man dubbed the ‘Godfather of American Cricket’ says that this time at home during quarantine should be used to re-connect with family members which are priceless. “In our normal daily routine, we are so busy trying to make money to keep our families happy but they need more than that and this time at home can equate to money.
“We are all very unfortunate to be hampered by the COVID 19 virus but if we look at the positives we can see that one is getting to spend that time with our family. Just sitting and having a chat with your children will make you realize how much they have grown up. They can discuss problems with you and you can lend a hand. This is time that money can’t buy so I want to urge all to take this opportunity and make the most of it.
“Take your children out in your yard and play sports with them, bond with them and trust me this will last a lifetime. Let’s all bring that laughter into our homes and when the world is opened up for business again, the one lasting legacy must be the renewed bond between family members.”
Prior to the COVID 19, the very busy Qureshi would normally put aside the entire weekend for his family. He will fly up and down American conducting business during the week but come a weekend time he shuts down for family’s sake. “I want to wish everyone the best of health and happiness and we look forward to seeing more smiles when the world returns to normalcy.”

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