Qureshi hailed as great visionary


PORT OF SPAIN: TT – President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board Azim Bassarath has hailed chairman of Cricket Council USA CCUSA as a great visionary.
Bassarath said: ” I have sit from afar and notice the good work done by this gentleman. A number of our cricketers here in Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indies as a whole have benefitted from Mr. Qureshi’s generosity. We are very grateful for all the help he has brought our way.”
Bassarath who is also a director on the West Indies Board added. “The man always look to bring new and innovative ideas to cricket. We are impressed with this and he is definitely a visionary. Just recently I saw he brought on board the Cricket59 concept and it has become popular in a very short space of time. This is good for cricket and we at the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board stand ready to work with him to help develop cricket not only here but in the United States as well.”

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