Qamar welcomes association with GT20


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: The Maq Group has forged an association with the GT20 for the next edition of the tournament in July in Canada.

Sofian Qamar the president of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) says that with Maq Group getting involved with the GT20 only good things are in store. MaqTv will take care of the promotion and marketing of this tournament. According to Qamar: “With our expertise at MAQ TV promoting the league and MAQ Group giving away real estate to the MVP, we will continue to elevate cricket to a new standard in North America with our new partnership with GT20.”

The Maq Group will be giving free land to the MVP of the tournament. This is not for the first time, as the Maq Group under the guidance of chairman Mahammad Qureshi gave free land in Indian Lakes to Sheyhan Jahangir at the last US Open T20 in Fort Lauderdale last December.The owner of GT20 Ashit Patel is completely onboard the initiative and has given Maq Group the rights to advertise their real estate company exclusively at the tournament. CCUSA’s office staff will also move to Canada for the period to promote the game.      


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