Qamar urges cricket fans to stay calm


MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricket operations manager at Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Sofian Qamar has added his voice to the call for everyone to be careful during this Covid 19 pandemic and to come together and unite to fight it.
“We are unfortunately in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis. An event so crippling that it is being termed by some as World War III. The Covid-19 virus is a new challenge that has even major countries struggling to learn about it each day. The impact is not only going to be a medical one but also very much of an economical and social nature.
“We at CCUSA want to encourage all of our cricketers, supporters and their families to be careful during this period, use common sense and let’s fight this together.
“The many nuances with Covid-19 related to its incubation period, ease of spread, current lack of a vaccine and limited selective testing all add to our concerns. It is indeed reassuring that we all possess the discipline and tenacity that cricket embodies to help weather these trying times. I sincerely pray that all our cricketing families keep healthy, stay safe and keep updated with all developments.
“Let us endeavour to stay strong and positive, as together we will ride out this difficult storm.”

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