Players in jeopardy after playing without NOCs


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: A number of national players for the US cricket team as well as international players could find themselves in hot water after allegedly playing in a sanctioned tournament in Houston in December without obtaining No Objection Certificates.

News 925 understands that while the main T20 tournament in America the US Open T20 was sanctioned by both USA Cricket and the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Houston Cricket League conducted Houston Winter Cup 2020 in which 10 teams participated.

The teams that took part are Prarie View Hurricanes, Atlanta Fire,

New Jersey Panthers, Top Shot Cricket Club, Houston Stars,

Somerset Cavaliers, St. Louis Americans, Nepali Rhinos,

Chicago All Stars, and Houston Stallions.

It meant that USA Cricket allowed this tournament to go on at the same time that the US Open T20 tournament was being played. Players were then split as to where to play but the safer option ended up being the US Open T20 where all players who represent their country had to get NOCs from their respective cricket board.

The situation that played out in Houston where it is under the players were not required to have NOCs have now put the careers of 

US players Adil Bhatti, Monak Patel, Noshtush Kenjige, Sagar Patel, and Shaher Hassan.

This now leaves USA Cricket with a lot of questions to answer as local cricket officials are saying it was a reckless move. 

International players involved in the tournament:

Gajanand Singh (Somerset Cavaliers)

Veerasamy Permaul (Somerset Cavaliers)

Derick Narine (Somerset Cavaliers)

Akshay Homraj (Somerset Cavaliers)

Nitish Kumar (Houston Stallions)

Ali Samad (Houston Stallions)

Nkrumah Bonner (Houston Stallions)

David White (Prarie View Hurricanes)

Rameez Raja Jr (Prarie View Hurricanes)

Asad Pathan (Houston Stars)

USA National players involved in the tournament:

Adil Bhatti (Prarie View Hurricanes)

Monak Patel (Houston Stars)

Noshtush Kenjige (Houston Stars)

Sagar Patel (Atlanta Fire)

Shaher Hassan (Houston Stallions)

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