Owners snapping up US Open teams


MARGATE/FL – USA: Team owners are lining up to take ownership of US Open T20 teams because of the equity that the brand has built up.
The 12th Edition of the popular T20 league will take place from the 16 to 20 of December at the Central Broward Regional Park. So far five teams have been snapped up with still another nine months to go to the start of the tournament.
Successful Atlanta businessman CK Yaw has taken ownership of the Atlanta Griffin cricket team. The team played at the 2019 US Open T20 tournament and Yaw thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and has decided to invest in his team for the 2020 tournament.
The US All Stars is under the management of IT guru Moise Balki. This team which has attracted a lot of attention because of the quality of players who have played for them will again be a force to be reckoned with and Balki is already putting things in place.
Dallas Smashers is also gone with John Robertson taking over the reins of the team. This new outfit will be bringing another fresh element to the tournament and CCUSA will be welcoming them with open arms according to chairman Mahammad Qureshi.
The other team that has been snapped up is the LA Lions and they are already putting measures in place to make a grand entry into the US Open.
A great friend and supporter of CCUSA Zain Jeewangee is also not missing out as he has decided to take ownership of the San Francisco Rhinos. The insurance magnate bought the Phillipsburg Rhinos at the Maq Cricket59 tournament in St. Maarten and was very pleased with the tournament hence decided to invest in the US Open T20 tournament.
Qureshi speaking on the acquisitions said: “It is really refreshing to see the response that we have gotten so early in terms of teams being taken up by owners. We have worked very hard over the past decade in building this tournament and we are getting better all the time. This tournament is the most popular in North America and we intend to make it even better. This is the right time for those who are interested to come forward to take ownership of teams because it is going to be more difficult owning teams as time goes by.”

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