Minor League a US Open template


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: The upcoming USA Cricket Minor league is a template of the very popular US Open T20 tournament that is held every year in the United States.
USA Cricket has sent out all the particulars of the inaugural Minor League cricket series, which they plan to take into the Major League in the future.
A glance at the idea and ideals of the tournament takes you right back to the visionary Mahammad Qureshi who was way ahead in planning when he brought this to the table in 2009. It was this year that he held the first US Open T20 tournament and was able to bring ‘big time’ cricket to the United States.
A look at the benefits of taking part in this Minor League mirrors what was suggested and achieved many years ago by Qureshi and his team at Cricket Council USA.
The first benefit which is stated by USA Cricket in taking part in the Minor league is for the players to showcase their talent at the national level. CCUSA has provided this platform since 2009, which is why many if not all the players on the USA National team would have played in the US Open T20.
The second benefit is that the players would get an opportunity to be selected to play the major league. According to CCUSA operations manager Sofian Qamar: “This could have been done by sending scouts to the US Open T20, which is the highest standard in terms of cricket competition in America.
Also listed as a benefit is the opportunity to compete alongside high caliber domestic and international players. Since 2009, Qureshi has been spending his money to bring in international talent and this has helped the domestic players tremendously. Case in point is when Qureshi brought in Dwayne Bravo to play at the US Open T20 couple years ago. Bravo played on the same team US All-Stars as America’s Ali Khan. He saw what Ali could do and took him into the CPL to play for the TKR.
This would have elevated the game of Ali Khan and so many others who have rubbed shoulders with international players. Players game being elevated is another benefit of the Minor league project.
All players taking part in the US Open T20 are paid to perform which is more than the stipend that is being given by the Minor League clubs. All their travel and accommodation and meal expenses are also taken care off and hence these benefits have been given to players for quite a long time now.
Access to high-quality coaching and top-class facilities is seen as another plus for the Minor League. CCUSA has been employing top class coaches to come into the system during the US Open T20 to assist the players. One such coach is Faisal Iqbal the former Pakistan coach and current Karachi Kings coach.
CCUSA has also brought in managers for certain teams with the former West Indies and current Guyana Amazon Warriors manager Omar Khan been a regular feature at these tournaments.
Qureshi speaking to News925 said: “While I congratulate USA Cricket for bringing in a tournament, I want to say this is nothing new. We have been doing our part in a similar or even greater way in the past. We have given so much in terms of money and time into making USA cricket relevant.”

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