MCL T10 bowls off Sunday


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: The inaugural MLC Maq Cup will bowl off on August 15 at the Maq Cricket Stadium in Delray Beach, South Florida.
This is the news coming out of CCUSA headquarters at Margate. According to the chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi, this is another tournament that will keep the US cricketers in the park. “After a while, into the lockdown, we were looking for ways to get our cricketers back unto the park and this is just another tournament where they can have a hit and keep their game going.”
The tournament will see four teams vying for honors with those cricketers starring being the ones walking away with the prizes. Qureshi continued: “The tournament will be played on Sunday 16 and we will be looking for standout performances. Cricketers in this country have been too idle for far too long and they have been calling on us to do something about it. CCUSA has been the only recognized body trying to do something to get the cricket going again.
“We have been working hard on getting things in order at the Maq Stadium to keep the players safe. We have installed two dugouts so teams can separate, new bathroom and locker facilities and we have also installed bar-b-que pits at individual teams so that they can prepare their food in a sanitized way to stay safe.
“We also have sanitizing stations at the ground and we provide refreshments that have gone through the sanitization process. So far we have not had any cases with our cricketers over the past month coming out and playing at Maq Cricket Stadium and we intend to keep it that way.
“We always say at CCUSA that player safety comes first and we are going all out to ensure that this is met. From the time the players enter our facility, they are in a sanitized bubble, and we guard this very seriously.”
The top 10 players will get cash prizes at this tournament. The four teams taking part are Global Warriors, Maq Stars, BCC and Orlando Stars. All games will be live on Action  starts at 10am.

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