MAQTV the place to be


MARGATE/FL – USA: MaqTv has ramped up their programming for this COVID 19 quarantine period with a number of exciting cricket matches on the card.
Chairman of MaqTV Mahammad Qureshi has made it his business to ensure that cricket fans are entertained during this period. “We are giving a lot in terms of entertainment on The app is free to you can just download and start enjoying what we have on offer. You can also see us online as we are putting on social media we well. We have made the channel free to air during this period as our way to give back to fans.”
Qureshi said MaqTv will be packed with action from the United States. “This is a good opportunity for fans to see our cricket here in the United States. We have a number of top-level competitions that we have covered namely the US Open T20, the USA Nationals Mat T10, the Unity Cup just to name a few. The quality of cricket in the US is at a high standard and this is a good time for cricket fans to get closer to American cricket.”
Qureshi added that there are also a number of features on offer. “We have a number of features packed in as well to keep you entertained. It is good to sit with the family, introduce the kids to the sport with the hope that after this COVID 19 situation clears, they will want to take up this great game.”

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