MAQ Stadium earmarked to be completed in July


CHICAGO/USA – The Maq Cricket Stadium will be officially opened on the weekend of the 4th of July. This is the news coming from the man himself Mahammad Qureshi.
The successful Fort Lauderdale businessman has invested heavily in order to make this three-field cricket stadium a reality. Once completed there will be one turf pitch plus two astroturf pitches. During his visit to Chicago two weeks ago Qureshi reported that the trees have been cleared on the massive piece of land. “We have gotten the trees all cleared and now the leveling process has begun. These days there is a lot of snow and ice in Chicago, so this has hampered us a bit but the work will resume shortly.
CCUSA chairman Mahammad Qureshi meets with City officials in Chicago
“Once the leveling has finished the construction of the turf pitches and the areas for the astroturf will be done. The pre-fab building for the storage of equipment and machinery is already in place and the fencing around the entire property is already up.
“We intend to open the facility on July 4th when a number of teams will be present at the facility for the Midwest Open. This will be a great day for cricket in Chicago because there are a number of cricket teams there and also a number of fans of the great game. This facility will be important in building the game to greater heights in this region and we are making the investment because of this.
“We at CCUSA are all very excited about the prospects and we intend to make it a great weekend of cricket to signal the start of great things ahead for the sport in Chicago.”

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