Maq: Sports can ease the stress


MARGATE/FL – USA: Chairman of Cricket Council USA and owner of MaqTv Mahammad Qureshi says that looking at sports with the family is one constructive way to pass the time at home and also to take away the stress of the coronavirus that has gripped the world.

Qureshi has sent out an internal memo to MaqTv management to beef up there programming during this period so that cricket fans at home can see a lot of American cricket on his channel.
Speaking to 925 News the businessman said: “Sport can bring so much relief in this time of stress. I have called on my employees to ensure that they have a lot of cricket specials running at this moment on so that they can serve the people who are home at this time.

“While we all wait for this dreaded virus to take its course and move on, we sit at home stressed out. We at MaqTv want to fears, ease the worries and give you something meaningful to pass the time. You can sit with the family and look at our programming and this will take your mind off the stress at the moment. We are trying our best to keep you entertained at this time and you can subscribe to at no cost whatsoever.”

Over the next month, cricket fans can tune in to MaqTv to view US Open T20 matches, as well as documentaries including on Qureshi, the man who has spent in excess of US$26M into the development of the sport in America.

Qureshi closed by saying: “We at MaqTv and CCUSA will like to wish everyone all the best, we want to urge you guys to stay safe and do what is necessary to protect you and your family. We look forward to the day soon when we can resume our cricket matches.”

The USA Nationals MaqT10 tournament carded for April 16 to 19 at the Central Broward Regional Park had to be canceled due to the coronavirus.

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