Maq saved cricket in America


SOUTH CAROLINA/USA – Outspoken cricket team owner Sanju Patel says that cricket administrator Mahammad Qureshi saved cricket in America.

Speaking on the popular cricket network MaqTV, he said that he formed a team because of Qureshi’s tournament the US Open T20, and because of that, many of his players have gone on to represent the US.

According to Patel: “Back in 2009, I met Maq and decided to form a team to play at his US Open T20 tournament. My team the US Tigers have stayed together since and it is because of this tournament we were formed.

“I was never a supporter of USACA because I thought they were doing nothing for the development of cricket in this country. When I went down to Fort Lauderdale and saw what Maq was doing, I bought the idea one time and decided to be part of it.

“Today my team has traveled over the country winning titles but had it not been for the US Open T20, we might not have formed the team and today we would have been doing something else. While USACA was doing nothing for the development of the sport, Maq was out there spending his money, staging tournaments and bringing in foreign players to play. It was Maq who saved American cricket and was able to give it life.

“A number of people just talk about how good they can play cricket. Maq made the difference by bringing in foreign players to this country and this made the locals honest. They then realized what was big cricket and the tournament served as a leveler for many players.”

Patel who is involved in the hospitality business said the COVID 19 Pandemic was affecting the country financially and his business interests as well and it might be too soon to make a call on whether his team will be coming down to play at the US Open T20 this year. The tournament is carded for December 16 to 19 at the Central Broward Regional Park in Fort Lauderdale.

“It might be difficult due to the financial burdens we are all now facing but we have an attachment to US Open and would love to come down and be a part of the tournament this year. It’s early to make the call but without promising anything we will try our best to be there for the tournament.”

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