Maq every creed and race must come together


MARGATE/FL – USA: Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi is calling for unity amidst the global fear that the Covid 19 virus has brought about.
Qureshi is a strongly worded message to followers said: “Just as we unite on the cricket team with men of different races and religions, we need to do the same to battle this world pandemic. We can overcome this virus but we need to support each other to get through.
“We have to be our brother’s keeper in this sad time and lend a shoulder to lean on. We need to reach out to people who we think might be vulnerable and see what we can do responsibly to assist them.”
According to Qureshi: “Our future will be good if we help each other and support each other. Like in our own team it does not matter religions or color and rich or poor we are all the same now. This is the time feel for each other, get together, support each other. Let’s fight this coronavirus together as one and we will overcome.”
Qureshi has signaled to his staff to supply emergency workers in Fort Lauderdale with his popular T20 Energy drinks and he has promised to get other essential stuff to them as time goes by.

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