Maq encourages all to stay strong


MARGATE/FL – USA: Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) is normally a man who brings a lot of cheer to cricketers and cricket fans but these days he wears a solemn look as the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the world.

Qureshi is now sending out a message to all that they must remain strong and committed at this point in time. “This is a situation where

we have to change the way we go about our lives. We have been forced to make changes and I know that it may be difficult but the sooner we adhere to the advice from the health experts, the sooner we can defeat this virus.

“We are continuing to do our part here at CCUSA to keep things moving along as far as our planning for future tournaments. We will move things along a lot quicker as the situation abates but for now, we have to be respectful of the situation we are in.

“Once we as a people remain strong we will get out of this situation and on to greater things. CCUSA will be here after all this to continue pushing the game and as we see it, this is just a break that doesn’t mean the end of the game.

“I want to urge all you cricketers to spend this time to do some introspection and work on the mental aspect of our game. We have the cricket on for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we want you to keep your entertained by turning to the channel.”

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