Maq calls for support for St. Maarten


BOCA RATON/USA: Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi is calling on authorities in the Caribbean to come on board and support the initiative of former West Indies fast bowler Adam Sanford to have cricket played in St. Maarten, under the Cricket 4 Life banner.

Sanford who is still active in terms of playing the game has taken on the huge responsibility of hosting a T20 tournament called ‘Cricket 4 Life’ with the backing of Qureshi and CCUSA. This tournament takes place at the Lumber Park ground in St. Maarten from March 28 to 31.

According to Qureshi: ” Let’s help ‘Cricket 4 Life’ by redeploying our resources so that cricket in St Maarten will get a boost after the hurricane. We like to support and request everyone who loves the sport of cricket to work together and support CCUSA in this initiative.

“This guy Adam is doing a tremendous job in putting together this tournament we at CCUSA is giving him all the support he needs and I am calling on the cricket bodies in the Caribbean to come forward and lend moral and even financial support.

“People must remember that this country was devastated by a hurricane two years ago, so they need all the help they can get. Adam is doing yeoman service for cricket in terms of making it present there again. He is constructing stands and fixing up the ground because he will have international players coming in to take part in the tournament.

“Imagine what this would do for cricket in that country. The people suffered at the hands of the hurricane and now they can look forward to cricket getting a boost on the Island.”

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