Maq an amazing person


SAN FRANCISCO – USA: Cricket administrator and businessman Mahammad Qureshi has been hailed as an amazing person who has helped thousands of people.

This was the view of fellow businessman and cricket team owner Zain Jewanjee. In an interview on MaqTV, Jeewanjee said: “I got into cricket because I saw the business potential. My business is insurance, so there was a lot of potential for me businesswise given the fact that we also do insurance for events and travel insurance as well. Maq Qureshi on the other hand got involved in cricket and has spent so much money and yet he has not made money from cricket. I looked at him closely and what I observed is that money was not the issue for him. He just saw cricket as an avenue where he can help people and the money didn’t matter to him.

“Maq Qureshi has helped so many people in this lifetime. I have known this man for the past 20 years and I cannot count the number of people who have come up to me to say Maq Qureshi has helped them in some way. I myself, he has helped on many occasions. I just have to pick up the phone and call him and it’s done. What I admire most about him is the fact that he helps without conditions attached. What a remarkable person he is. There is a saying that every day who must try and help one person who cannot do anything for you. Well, Maq has multiplied that many times over.”

Jeewangee is the owner of the San Francisco Rhinos at the US Open T20 tournament this year and although it is now tough financially he says that he wants to be a part of it. “Financially it is very tough at the moment due to the COVID 19 pandemic. People are not traveling and they are also not hosting events. This has taken away a big part of our business and we still have to keep our employees going my paying their salaries.

“We recently opened in India, we have business in Pakistan as well and of course in America, so it is a huge burden on us but when US Open T20 comes along and Maq calls me I cannot tell him no. Such is the mark of the man.”

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