Jackson V supports US Open T20


FORT LAUDERDALE: Known for making many fans the world over happy over their wonderful and captivating music, little do people know that the Jackson V loves cricket.
Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi was a specially invited guest by the group to meet up at the Riptide Music festival at Fort Lauderdale Beach on Friday night.
Qureshi took along with him US cricketer Zishawn Qureshi his son, CCUSA operations manager Sofian Qamar his son in law and CCUSA media manager Vinode Mamchan. Qureshi and his team were invited by the group to meet up backstage after the concert and they spent a while exchanging pleasantries and also chatting about music and cricket.
Lead singer of the group Marlon Jackson said he was fond of cricket and was happy with the work being done by Qureshi and his group to promote cricket. He added : “We love cricket and of course we have our own version of it and we used to play it everyday.
“Cricket is a great sport and we are happy that you guys are putting all this great effort behind the sport.”
Qureshi was very humble in his response saying that he just wanted to make young people happy. “I just want to assist the young ones in making them happy and giving them something meaningful to do in their pastime.
“We have to channel the kids energy into positive things or else they would go into directions that we are not happy with.
“We have the 10h edition of the US Open T20 coming up and many people have come on board to support our venture. We have had the stars coming out over the past few days giving their endorsement. We had Khalilah Ali the former wife of boxing legend Muhammad Ali coming out a few days ago with the news that she is our brand ambassador and now the Jackson V giving their endorsement as well.

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