Former Jamaica captain Mark Neita now the president of Melbourne Cricket Club.


People want to see winners
By MAQTV Staff
The stands are empty in Jamaica for the CPL because people want to see winners. The Jamaica Tallawahs have lost six of their seven matches to date and this has kept the fans away from the stadium.
This is the opinion of Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) president Mark Neita the former Jamaica batsman. He said: “CPL has helped young cricketers with a couple of them playing CPL even before Jamaica. CPL helped discovered young players and has really given them opportunities.”
He said that management plays a key role in the opportunities that cricketers get. His observation is that some of the youngsters aren’t managed well by team example being over bowled and this hampers their development.”
He added that there is a place for players to play in all formats of the game as one helps the other. “I prefer for them to build their fitness in T20 and 50 overs in preparation for Test cricket. We need to have better-prepared cricketers on offer for the West Indies. This is where management at the club level comes in. We need to put these guys on the right track in terms of fitness and opportunities to get better cricketers at the top. Talent is not the only important thing. The cricketers need to think. Development needs to start from earlier to change the temperament of the players.
“You look at West Indies and now they are not getting the support because they are not winning. This is because we just don’t have the quality of players like we used to. All this trickles down to the clubs not beginning the right process to have these guys on track.
“People want to see winners. Same reason the stadium was not filled.” Some of the better cricketers who have come out of Melbourne are the legendary Michael Holding, Courtney Walsh, Marlon Samuels, Carlton Baugh, and Nikita Miller.
The club was established on May 3, 1892, to provide a club for men of “modest means”. It was the third cricket club established in Kingston, after Kingston Cricket Club and Kensington Cricket Club.  In that time the club has produced 13 cricketers who represented the West Indies and another 27 players who have represented Jamaica.
Neita says that he will continue to work hard to develop cricketers because he sees value in this. He added that guys like Michael Holding didn’t make money playing cricket but because I played in a great era it made him well known and respected and this is why he wants to give back now.

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