Brandon English one of the upcoming stars at Excelsior.


Excelsior a mark of excellence in Jamaica
Excelsior School is the most successful on the island of Jamaica but there are challenges and there is a call from their youth coach for former cricketers to give back.
Coach of the school’s U-14 and U-16 team Kirkland Bailey in an interview with MaqTV said: “We are not lucky with our famous cricketers giving back to Jamaican students. Tallawahs sometimes have a promotional tour but not consistent. Maybe annually they assist but they have different schools to take care off as well. Tallawahs came to Excelsior three years ago to assist. We need assistance in terms of the facility, with things like training room and equipment storage. This is the top school in the country and we don’t have proper facilities. It is sad really.
Amongst the greats who attended the school are Courtney Walsh, Chris Gayle, and Patrick Patterson.
Despite the lack of assistance, the school’s cricket program is still moving ahead. “What are they doing differently is that we are showing the students them they can earn from the sport. We are giving them that holistic development. We are stressing to them time and time again that academics are important. When we see a player that has potential the coaches and technical team meet with their parents to decide how best we can develop them. “
Some of the talent coming through at the school in recent times have been Raewin Senior who is now at UWI. He played for Jamaica at all the youth levels and great things expected from him. Another current student Brandon English and all-rounder is also air marked. Kirk Mckenzie Jr. is yet another who has been training with the WI under 19 team.
Since 2012, Excelsior has won five  U-14 school titles, three U-14 All Island trophies, two U-16 titles,  two U-19 crowns and one under-19 All Island trophy. In T20  cricket the school has 14 titles in all.
Caption: Brandon English one of the upcoming stars at Excelsior.

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