Daddy’s Grill taste at US Open T20


As a mark of celebration for all cultures at the 10th Edition of the US Open T20 tournament, Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) will have food from different countries available to those attending.

One of the first food trucks to sign on board is Daddy’s Grill Food Truck and they will be present at the US Open T20 on December 12, 13, 14 and 16, to give fans and players a taste of their sumptuous dishes.

Owner Ayan Molina Garcia owner of Daddy’s Grill Food Truck and Restaurant comes from Cuba and will be bringing that wonderful Cuban taste to the US Open. He met with CCUSA CEO Mahammad Qureshi on Thursday in Margate Florida and they decided that his will be one of around eight food trucks that will be present at the event.

According to Qureshi :”We are bringing food and cricket together at the US Open T20 this year, as we continue to celebrate what has been a wonderful 10-year journey for us at this wonderful tournament.”

Qureshi added that the aim of CCUSA was and remains singular in taking care of the fans as well and this is just one initiative. “We want that when families come to cricket, they have a good time and enjoy themselves. Of course food is a major part of this and we are going to serve them great cricket and food.”

CCUSA will be negotiating with the owners of the Food Truck for reduced prices for the patrons. So those attending the event will get great tasting food at reduced cost. Qureshi ended by saying : “No one loses at CCUSA we make sure everyone benefits, even the spectators.”

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