Cricket Council USA: determined to promote men’s and women’s cricket in the US


Cricket in the US is still a developing sport, but has come a long way with a growing participation pool in the country, thanks to the efforts of sport organizations like the Cricket Council USA. In its efforts to promote cricket, CCUSA has successfully established a highly renowned cricket tournament which is the US Open T-20 Cricket that provides opportunity to cricketers worldwide of all levels to play cricket in the US. Its dedication and determination to develop the participation pool and hence the sport itself is proven by the fact that it recently had 28 teams in total participating in the thrilling 2019 US Open T-20 Cricket tournament from 24 teams in the 10th edition held in 2018. It is pertinent to mention that the 11th US Open Cricket was officially sanctioned by the ICC itself. The ability to manage, organize and further develop the tournament takes sheer determination, adequate resources and focus which CCUSA has been highly successful in demonstrating through its record of conducting highly professional cricket tournaments and leagues.

Moreover, just recently, CCUSA has introduced an innovative format of cricket known as Cricket 59 in which the first ball of the first over is a free hit and there are neither fielding restrictions nor power plays. This format also allows 9 players to take on the field, producing a flexible and an enjoyable format of cricket. The first MAQ Cricket 59 tournament was held in Sint Maarten where 5 teams participated in the tournament. And now, in 2020, CCUSA is organizing a Cricket 59 Women’s Champions League to be held from March 13th till March 15th at the MAQ Cricket Stadium, Florida. Interestingly, the league has already garnered a massive response as women cricketers from USA, Canada, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Caribbean have expressed their interest to participate; this shows the growth of women’s cricket worldwide and how CCUSA is helping women cricketers by providing a platform to play cricket and nourish their skills. By organizing such leagues and tournaments for both: men and women cricketers, CCUSA has proven to be a highly dedicated sport management organization committed to promote cricket at a global stage.

For more updates and news regarding the league and tournaments organized by CCUSA visit its website: and stay tuned to MAQTV (a local production of CCUSA) for live streaming of the matches.

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