CCUSA’s strong partnerships solidify cricket development in the US


In 2016, CCUSA continued its successful streak of expanding its business network for further development of the game of cricket in the US. One of the main highlights was that Mr. Dave Cameron, the president of the West Indies Cricket Board, partnered up with CCUSA to promote and develop cricket in the US. This certainly cemented CCUSA’s position as the most dedicated sport management company committed to its vision of promoting the sport.

In addition, Plantation Middle School announced a new partnership with Cricket Council USA where CCUSA extended its full support to the Plantation Middle School with vital resources for its cricket team such as coaches, equipment and sponsorship as part of the partnership. This surely proved out to be instrumental for cricket development at the grassroots level.
Furthermore, with ICC sanctioning the USA National Championship 2016, the quality of work CCUSA has been engaged in became more evident. As such, CCUSA also played a vital role in sponsoring women cricketers for the exhibition match at Keney Park held in honor of the Cricket Hall of Fame’s 35th anniversary, the day was declared “Cricket Hall of Fame’s Day” proving that it is an organization that believes in developing the game for men and women equally at the global level.

Written By:
Fizza Abid
Marketing & Sponsorship Manager

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