CCUSA to host 9 tournaments annually


MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricket Council USA has confirmed that they will be hosting a total of nine tournaments annually moving forward.
Chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi said on Monday that whilst the US Open T20 tournament remains the marquee tournament, the cricket body has added another eight. The nine tournaments are the US Open T20 Men, Women and Youth, the USA Nationals Maq T10 Men, Women and Youth and the Cricket59 Men, Women, and Youth.
Nine tournaments in quite an undertaking but Qureshi says that once this is done successfully it will give cricket in the United States a major fillip. “We are all about cricket development and this has been my motto from day one. When CCUSA was formed nearly three decades ago to the idea was to develop cricket in the United States. We have done quite a lot in that time and we have seen tangible returns.
“Cricket in the US is now respected and we at CCUSA had a major hand in helping the sport reach this stage. We will continue to improve our best tournament which is the US Open T20 but there is time for us to build on the Maq T10 and other tournaments.
“We are very proud of the work done so far and we want to continue building that is why we are making this great investment in getting these tournament going. So far we have gotten a great response to the Cricket59 tournament and we want to build on this aspect. We have started well but we need to be consistent with our work if we want to reach where is acceptable.”

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