Big bonus for Legends W Cup players



The Legends World Cup hosted by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) in collaboration with the US Hall of Fame is due to begin on September 28 at the Central Broward Regional Park and there is a big bonus for players who are taking part in the series.

News of this came on Sunday morning from chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi. Speaking from his Boca Raton home the cricket administrator said that at the end of the tournament on October 3, a 14-man World Stars squad will be chosen and they will fly around the globe playing matches.

He said: “At the end of the tournament we will have selectors picking the best 14 players and they will form the World Stars team. This team will then fly around the world playing cricket matches. Their first assignment will be in Pakistan where they are due to play a number of matches against a legends team there.”

Qureshi, who has been a pioneer when it comes to cricket development in the United States added that this is a great chance for players over the age of 50. “When you look at the effort that these guys put in while playing the game, you realise that their love for the sport is great. It is good that they will have something to look forward to after this tournament. This will also make the competition very keen as players will be looking to make a mark and get into the World Stars team. We have already made advance planning for the World Stars and uniforms are already made for this.”

Players wishing to take part in the Legends World Cup can register at

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