4-way fight for Maq T10 title


DELRAY BEACH/FL – USA: Four teams will battle on July 4 and 5 for the coveted Maq T10 title at the Maq Cricket Stadium in Delray Beach in Florida.
The tournament is being hosted by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) and will see Maq Stars, Spartans, Pakistan Eagles, and T&T Stars battle for glory. This tournament comes after weekend matches that were held since CCUSA re-started cricket after the Covid 19 lockdown.
This tournament will be the first cricket tournament to be held in America since the lockdown and will see a great level of domestic talent on display.
Chairman and CEO of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi said: “We are very excited about this T10 tournament. We have been doing our level best to bring back cricket since it was stopped due to the Coronavirus and this is just another phase as we work our way back.
“We have had some good matches over the past few weekends in the lead up to these matches and we are hoping that the players really show their true potential.
“They have been a bit rusty since the lockdown but the matches that we have facilitated recently have done a lot for the players in terms of getting ready for this tournament.
“We will be enforcing all the pandemic rules to ensure all is safe as we take a careful approach to bring back cricket. We will be looking to move on to hosting the USA Nationals Maq T10 later this year and then the US Open T20 which is the most popular T20 tournament in the Americas.
“We keep monitoring the situation, looking for ways to improve our hosting of matches and we are really confident that the cricket will be back to full swing.”
In terms of the Maq Stadium, there have been massive improvements to the facility. There are ample changing facilities, enough accommodation for players to practice social distancing, and also recently the management has installed picnic benches adding to the comfort for players.

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