USA Cricket’s Godfather celebrates his birthday today


DELRAY BEACH/FL – USA: The man who has been dubbed the Godfather of cricket in America is celebrating his birthday today and instead of partying or pampering himself, he is out at the Maq Cricket Stadium working on the venue in order that they continue to stage matches there.
Speaking to News925 he said that he has been administrating cricket for the past 21 years in America and he feels like a 21-year old. “I have been giving my time and money to cricket for the past 21 years and it has been an enjoyable journey. Today when I look back at the last two decades I feel like a 21-year old as far as this cricket is concerned. There is so much to do still and I am keen and eager to that what is necessary to keep American cricket on the up.”
Qureshi spoke from his cricket stadium in Delray Beach and said he was more concerned about the upgrades at the stadium than celebrating a birthday. “I have forgotten about my birthday for now and is concentrating on the stadium and the work that I intend to do here. Every day of my life I do something for cricket and it gives me great pleasure when I see other people progressing through the sport.”
Qureshi’s phone ran off the hook with many international players calling him to wish him the best on the day.


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